Ukrainian Holidays: Dates and Celebration

Free Services. Ukrainians love their numerous holidays and love to “celebrate” those holidays in a grandiose way. It’s not uncommon for Westerners to be taken aback at just how many “days of note” they observe, and the amount of fireworks and revelry that goes along with them, not to mention the vast amount of spirits consumed. If you plan on visiting Ukraine for its grand holiday celebrations – plan in advance. Decorating the Christmas tree, going to New Year’s parties, giving and receiving gifts – we love all that and impatiently wait for New Year’s Eve to come. Children find their presents under the New Year Tree on the morning of January 1st.

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A formal introduction in Ukraine starts with introducing yourself including your name, your organization and your position. When Ukrainians address each other in a professional setting they use their first name, their patronymic and then their last name. For example, Mykola first name Petrovych patronymic – means a son of Petro Savchenko last name. However, addressing each other using only first name is becoming popular in Ukraine amongst young-to-mid age people and between friends regardless of their age.

For example, the diminutive of Alexander is Sasha. Use of diminutives is reserved for close friends and colleagues. A handshake and exchange of business cards are generally part of the introduction, though Ukrainian women rarely shake hands with each other. Ukrainians take great pride in their county and city, and generally welcome remarks about the beauty of the city and the country. They appreciate the opportunity to share information about their culture, so asking about monuments there are quite a few in each city and other places of importance to their heritage is genially welcome.

Ukrainians like to discuss politics, but you should let them initiate the discussion. It was referred by that name under the Soviet Union and may be considered offensive to use it. It should be noted that, while in the past Ukrainians had little interaction with Westerners, this is less and less true. While they do have their own cultural norms and rules, they also understand that Westerners also have theirs, which often differ like smiling when you meet someone, and oversharing and are becoming more accepting of these norms and adapting in professional settings when dealing with westerners.

It is less likely to be so in a social setting.

Crimea: A picturesque tourist spot you won’t be visiting anytime soon

Take a tour of the Black Sea paradise at the center of the Ukraine-Russian standoff. When you click on Lonely Planet ‘s guide to Crimea , you get a warning advising against all travel to the area. Which shouldn’t be surprising to anyone following the news lately. But before Crimea became the center for Vladimir Putin’s volatile standoff with Ukraine, the peninsula was actually considered a hidden gem of a tourist spot.

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Find the right tour for you through Ukraine. We’ve got 55 tours going to Ukraine, starting from just 3 days in length, and the longest tour is 16 days. The most popular month to go is September, which has the most number of tour departures. View Map. Path to the Soviet Legacy. Book With Flexibility.

Ukrainian Observed Holidays brought to you by Pen Pals Nikolaev in Nikolaev Ukraine. Holidays in Ukraine celebrate with Ukrainians and family.

Victory Day [a 1] is a holiday that commemorates the surrender of Nazi Germany in It was first inaugurated in the 15 [1] republics of the Soviet Union , following the signing of the German Instrument of Surrender late in the evening on 8 May after midnight, thus on 9 May Moscow Time. The Soviet government announced the victory early on 9 May after the signing ceremony in Berlin. In East Germany , 8 May was observed as Liberation Day from to , and was celebrated again on the 40th anniversary in In , a Soviet-style “Victory Day” was celebrated on 9 May.

The Russian Federation has officially recognised 9 May since its formation in and considers it a non-working holiday even if it falls on a weekend in which case any following Monday will be a non-working holiday. The holiday was similarly celebrated there while the country was part of the Soviet Union. Most other countries in Europe observe Victory in Europe Day , 8 May, as a national remembrance or victory day.

The German Instrument of Surrender was signed twice. Since the Soviet High Command had not agreed to the text of the surrender, and because Susloparov, a relatively low-ranking officer, was not authorized to sign this document, the USSR requested that a second, revised, instrument of surrender be signed in Berlin. Joseph Stalin declared that the Soviet Union considered the Reims surrender a preliminary document, and Eisenhower immediately agreed with that.

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About TryUkraine. Author Rick DeLong. Ukraine’s Carpathians. Climbing Hoverla. Hiking in Ukraine’s Carpathians. Ukraine’s Hutsul Region.

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Re-subscribe Re-subscribe. View history. Company name add. The United Nations General Assembly recommended in that all countries institute a Universal Children’s Day, to be observed as a day of worldwide fraternity and understanding between children and of activity promoting the welfare of the world’s children. The date of 20 November marks the day on which the Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, in , and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, in Send her a gift or flowers through AnastasiaDate Flower Delivery service.

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Christmas is a time of being merry and a time of happiness for all members of the family. This wonderful holiday is associated with a jolly atmosphere and a warm aura. Christmas is a special holiday for Ukrainian women especially when miracles happen to them, and they deeply believe in them. It is an important time when a Ukrainian woman wants to have a lovely man by her side.

Someone who she can say how much she loves, cares, and appreciates.

How Ukrainians celebrate their holidays · New Year’s Day (December 31 – January 1) · Orthodox Christmas (January 6 – 7) · Epiphany, or Baptism .

Christmas is a special holiday not only for Ukrainians but also for the whole world. It is not only a significant religious event, but also a real atmosphere of love and warmth during the cold winter! And yet — unique traditions, customs and symbols. Christmas is the birthday of the Son of God — Jesus Christ, whom God has sent to the earth of sin, to atone for the sins of mankind and save it. That is why, on this great day, people around the world praise their savior — the houses are decorated with fir-trees the symbol of the gospel tree , a lot of candles lit up, and people go to church services.

Before Christmas, Ukrainians keep fasting for 40 days, beginning on November 28, and ending on January 7. The purpose of fasting is spiritual and physical purification and remission, prayer and retention of passions and evil. According to the ancient Ukrainian tradition, Lviv residents celebrate the Orthodox Christmas on January 7. December 25 Ukrainian citizens are state day off, so all Catholics have the opportunity to celebrate this Christmas.

Therefore, we recommend that you go to Lviv for these dates. The most important Christmas tradition is the Holy Evening, when the whole family is going to the big table, for which it is mandatory to cook 12 celebratory dishes — in honor of 12 holy apostles.

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Read Telegraph Travel’s Ukraine guide. Find the best holidays and hotels, recommended things to do, bars and restaurants, plus news, advice and exclusive.

Looking for important travel information while backpacking in Ukraine? Here you will find information on working in Ukraine, entry visas, Ukraine hostels, and much more. Ukraine stepped into the international limelight in when ten days of mass protests took place in reaction to electoral fraud, leading to a re-run of the presidential election and the declaration of Viktor Yushchenko as President. Geographically, Ukraine is an extremely varied country with spectacular landscapes ranging from the Carpathian Mountains in the west, its central plains in the middle and the vineyards and coastal Black Sea views in the south.

It is also marked by culture and heritage and has architectural remains dating as far back as the 8th and 9th century when it was a part of the prosperous Kiev Russian state. The winters in Ukraine are extremely cold, particularly when the easterly winds blow from Siberia, although further south the weather is milder. The best time to visit Ukraine is in late Spring and Summer.

Spring comes earlier in Ukraine than in the European parts of Russia and the snow tends to thaw at the beginning of April. The south coast of the Crimean Peninsular has relatively warm winter months and during the summer it is a popular holiday destination having ten or more hours of often stifling sunshine each day. Ukraine has high levels of rainfall and in the milder parts where it is too warm for snow, rain falls all year round.

As a coastal resort, Odessa has long been a Black Sea shipping centre and was the centre of the revolution when the battleship Potemkin Tavrichesky was used to support rebellious workers. The coastal resorts of the Crimea are very popular with tourists, boasting Black Sea views and milder weather conditions.

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